About Us

About Us

Mcconnells_Dinner1-sm-TNMcConnells Irish Pub in Key West Florida is one of the most unique places one can go. Ultimately, we offer everything. Local seafood delicacies, traditional Irish fare, drinks as simple as an ice cold beer to the most intricate mixology, live music, events, sports, family atmosphere and timed debauchery, with a staff unmatched and an owner whom is always present… Jerry McConnell, owner, has completely revinvented McConnells and has spared no cost nor personal blood sweat and tears to make this the only place you want to come!

Our History

McConnells was once just a bar.

2001Some patrons walked in and had a beer.

Standard Irish fare with some Key West flavor spliced in…

2003Not much has changed by this point…

The shine is wearing on the brass, so to speak, but the bar is still serving beer.

2008Jerry McConnell takes over McConnells

This is where things start to get good. Jerry tears out the floors, the coolers, the lines, the everything… He has a huge vision and he is determined to see it fulfilled…

2014 – The vision is complete. Everything a patron could ever want now exists in one perfect place!!! Jerry has an ice cold beer of his own and admires his hard work come to life!



  • Famous CHEFS –
    Just having great food could never be enough for McConnells. You want to have a five star taste and quality of cuisine whilst enjoying the best drinks in town? Come to our humble bar and restaurant and see for yourself why we have the biggest local food following.
  • New World Famous Menu –
    Don’t let the “Irish Pub” part fool you! Have a look at our menu for some really incredible creations!

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